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For the Camera

Below are some samples of my work for the camera. Please take a look and enjoy (hopefully)!
The button on the right leads to my YouTube channel, where I upload all my videos, in a wildly
disorganized fashion. Feel free to subscribe!

Target Spotted

A film by one of my best friends, Lucas Baycroft, as his final for his Film Noir class. 

"A cowardly thief steals a valuable asset from a corrupt company whose unexpected contents may help him survive."


dir. Tina Quach


An emotionally disturbed man suddenly starts to travel through portals in search of something, or someone.

Not Much

dir. Auden Bui

Fusarium Wilt

written and directed by

Phillip Cox and Brian Tognotti​

Off Balance

dir. Juan David Rangel​


A film by my awesome friend, Lucas Baycroft, as his final for his Avant Garde class.

I play the man in the mask for a majority of it, and helped record some parts shot at the field.

Jessely Serrano filmed the roof part.

Lucas is the mastermind behind everything else.


When You Transfer

An ad campaign for the UC System (2009) about financial aid. I fill the Asian / Latin / ethnically ambiguous student here to talk to you briefly about finances when you transfer.

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